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An Intuitive Business Building Collective + mastermind

What is RISE?

RISE is a unique business building collective of spiritually connected women who are creating and expanding heart-led businesses using a powerful intuitive business building model that values a woman’s innate ability to create from the heart, taking a powerful seed of desire and nurturing it into a full-term manifestation. Every woman at RISE is included in a 12-week Intuitive Business Building Program and a 1-year Mastermind Group to support their business growth and development.

doing business differently

At RISE, every woman has a unique gift that she is meant to share with the world. So to be able to deliver these heart-led endeavours into the business world, RISE takes a different business approach, it is not about the dysfunctional masculine model of business that thrives on competition, greed, push, force, or pressure … it is about a more feminine model that supports an intuitive way to build and grow a thriving business, using the divine feminine and masculine qualities of creation, alignment, flow/ease, expression, expansion, trust and intuition, and maybe even more importantly … doing so through a sisterhood of woman whose only intention is to see one another rise.


The reason our Sisterhood at RISE is so tight-knit, is due to the collective commitment and deep inner knowing that when one of us rises, we all rise. We are a sisterhood of soulpreneurs, who choose to elevate each other with love and admiration, while standing in our own power, our own uniqueness, and in our own gifts.

Working with Caroline is an absolute joy! Week by week, we work through both the professional and personal limitations in my biz and strategize from a place that feels authentic and realistic for me. I never have a shortage of questions, ideas, and issues to discuss and Caroline is never short of solutions. I particularly love that we work from a place that honours both conventional business tactics AND my own heart-led alignment. 

Everyone needs Caroline in their back pocket - I don’t know how I’d survive entrepreneurship without her! Thanks Caroline!
— Dr. Jillian Murphy, ND, The Food Freedom/Body Love Method www.foodfreedombodylove.com
Caroline’s work with us has been priceless. Wish I had STARTED our business with her guidance! We would have saved a lot of time, energy and money getting to where we wanted to be. Her intuitive, informed Life and Business Coaching has inspired profound, positive change for us, both personally and professionally. It is the holistic approach to coaching that really made the difference for us.
— Tamara Verma, Co-Owner, Yoga Ghar, Yoga Wellness & Learning Centre www.yogaghar.com
Denise Besic.jpg
If it wasn’t for Caroline’s guidance, gentle nudging and support my business would cease to exist. She was instrumental in helping it come to fruition. She taught me to always lead from my heart centre and trust the signals I receive from my body and the universe. Her intuitive approach was like nothing I ever imagined business coaching would be. I feel so blessed to have her in my corner cheering me on.
— Denise Besic, Owner, Inner Peace Kids www.innerpeacekids.com
Caroline and I have been meeting for a weekly virtual coaching session for over two years and I cannot say enough of how pivotal her work with me has been. We meet primarily about my business and my aim is to always be heart-centred in my work. I find that with Caroline’s guidance, which balances the realms of the metaphysical with the logistical processes, I propel rapidly in my business and stay true to who I am. Through our work I have gained a better understanding of me, the way I view the world and how I can bring the best version of myself out.
— Emmy Pickering, South Facing Life, doTerra Diamond Leader
Within a few weeks of working with Caroline, she had helped me transform my business and my life.  It was like spring cleaning for my soul.  As the owner of a busy health clinic over the last 11 years, I had considered many business coaches but none clicked the way Caroline did.  She quickly zeroed in on what was holding me and my business back from taking that next step.  Thank you Caroline for giving me the courage to do what I already knew had to happen but didn’t know how.  You are truly a gift in my life.  

— Dr. Jennifer Luck, ND, Ottawa ON Somerset Health and Wellness Centre www.somersethealth.ca

Who is right for RISE?

  • Are you in years 0- 5 of your business? Launching a new product/program? Reviving or Switching Gears?

  • Is your business or business idea born from a burning desire, passion or idea in your heart?

  • Are you looking for a spiritual community of like-minded passionate, power-house Fempreneurs with wickedly strong intuition, manifestation powers and positive ‘pump you up” attitudes, each committed to helping one another grow?

  • Are you interested in uncovering and developing your most powerful talents and gifts as a fempreneur?

  • Are you looking to create, build and lead your business to success in a way that feels good to you?

  • Do you struggle with money, sales and needing support in overcoming any fear, doubt, and/or worry?

  • Do you need accountability, support and encouragement to step into your own potential and quit playing it small?

  • Do you need to go from questioning yourself and your business, to gaining clarity, focus and taking action that feels right?

  • Do you need customer feedback, input and professional marketing/branding, email and social media advice about your business?

Who need not apply?

  • If you are trying to ‘sell stuff’ to the group and leverage their contacts … that is NOT what we are doing here and anyone found to be doing this will be removed from the group.


  • RISE 12-Week Intuitive Business Building Program (90-minute classes using ZOOM)

  • RISE Year-Long Online Monthly Mastermind Group (2-hour monthly mastermind meetings using ZOOM)

  • Optional RISE Intuitive Business Retreat (Upcoming Retreat is in January 2020)

  • RISE Women In Business Facebook Community


Join RISE Women In Business!

To join RISE, you are required to take the 12-week Intuitive Business Building Program. The reason this is a requirement is for three important factors …

1. The training is incredible for your life and business!!! See what my regular coaching clients have to say.

2. Due to the supportive and close nature of this group, it is important that trust develops, connections are made and businesses are understood, so we will need time together to do that. The program is designed to allow you to get to know your cohort and each other’s heart-led endeavours, because it is this front-line group of sisters that will be the ones to help you get growing!

3. I would like us all to speak the same intuitive business language.

PRogram Start date:

2 Class times to choose from:
Tuesday, February 4th @ 7pm EST
Tuesday, September 4th @ 12noon EST
* Classes are every Tuesday for 12 weeks

Program Cost:

The value you will receive:

>>> 12 weeks of intuitive business coaching valued at $1800.00
>>> A 1-year RISE Mastermind Membership valued at $1500.00
>>> Expert and professional business advice valued at $4500.00
>>> A group of sisters in business (and life) to help you grow … invaluable!
>>> Total value is over $7800.00

EARLY BIRD cost for the entire program + mastermind is $777.00+tx (Regular cost $940.00+tx)
Early bird is available until Jan 4th
That is 1 full year of insanely valuable support in your business!

Save your spot with a $250.00+tx deposit*, with the balance due upon your chosen program start date.
*Deposits are non-refundable.

12-week Intuitive Business Building Program

  • Intuitive Business Training is 12-weeks, classes are 90-minutes per week and will be recorded should you have to miss one.

  • You will have an online learning site with a weekly video, short business exercises, and optional morning yoga and meditations.

  • Group work will be assigned throughout the 12-weeks, so ensure you carve out sometime to dedicate to you and your business each week (what you put in, you will get out).

  • You will be added to the RISE Women In Business Facebook Community at the start of the 12-week program.

  • You will be added to the year-long online RISE Monthly Mastermind Meetings after the 12-week program ends.


12-Week Program Overview

Week One: Introduction to Energy & Intuitive Business

Week Two: The Core Energy of Your Business & Why it Matters

Week Three: Releasing Resistance | Alignment Class

Week Four: Soul Sister Support & Promotion Circle

Week Five: Creating a Successful Money Blueprint | Confidence Class

Week Six: Ask the Expert | Branding & Design Class

Week Seven: Creating, Visioning & Expanding Your Business

Week Eight: Ask the Expert | Social Media Class

Week Nine: Letting go of Expectation & Learning to Trust | Alignment Class

Week Ten: Owning Your Energy | Authentic Sales Class

Week Eleven: Ask the Expert | List Building & Email Marketing Class

Week Twelve: Soul Sister Support & Promotion Circle

Optional in January/February: RISE Women in Business Retreat

Monthly Online RISE Mastermind Group

Enjoy a monthly circle of Mastermind Fempreneurs dedicated to each other’s success and growth. With an eye on business strategy, knowledge-sharing, growth tactics, expert guests, sister support, and all kinds of inspiration!


In the spirit of intuitive business, the RISE Mastermind Meetings are not like your typical meeting. As sensitives and intuitives, we know how important our energy is, so meetings begin with opening sacred space, grounding our energy, raising our vibration and opening up our heart centre. Creativity and being playful is key to accessing intuitive information and your higher wisdom, so we dive in with a few fun visualization exercises and then get to business!

Monthly Agenda

Agenda’s will be set as a group, ensuring we cover what is most important to the collective in the time we have together. This Mastermind is all about supporting the growth of our businesses individually and when possible, in collaboration. Each month businesses will knowledge-share, discuss strategy and tactics, pitch upcoming promotions, invite in guest speakers, talk about possible collaborations and so much more! And just when it can’t get any better, we close with a manifestation circle to ensure all our heart’s desires come true.


Mastermind online sessions will be 2-hours in length, using ZOOM. Date/time to be determined by the group at the end of the 12-week program.


I have a number of experts in their field that would be happy to join a call to share their expertise with RISE, from accounting/book keeping, instagram gurus, to event/retreat planning and so much more! If you are an expert, or know one who would like to teach a class at RISE, please email me to discuss.

How do I join The MASTERMIND?

To join the Mastermind group, you are required to take the 12-week Intuitive Business Building Program first. The cost of your 1-year Mastermind membership is included in your program cost. See details above.