Life and Business Coach, Intuitive Healer, Speaker,
& Magic Maker!

Honour your authenticity and live your truest expression. It will lead you to the right places, have you meet the right people, teach you the most valuable lessons, bring you incredible happiness and drop you at the doorstep to your greatest life.
— Caroline Watters

Why i am so passionate about what i do?

It was at a peak in my 13-year marketing career that I would finally listen to my inner wisdom telling me, "this isn't it, there is something more out there for you"and take the leap from where I was, to where I wanted to be.  However, before taking this big leap in life, let me tell you how I got there and how I found the incredible courage to do THE REAL ME. 

Many years ago I found myself, a dedicated and driven corporate career woman, totally stressed out in the unknowns of becoming a new (unplanned) mother, dealing with a challenging marriage, fielding one illness after another, struggling with depression, ending it all with a bitter marriage separation and a looming custody battle.  Yikes right?  Well, it was this series of GIFTS (you heard me right) that rocked my world and began my quest for true happiness, personal strength, life balance... and a little magic! 

Shortly after hitting my 'rock bottom' I discovered Reiki, which helped me to raise my energy levels and I began to shift out of my depression (I owe so much to Reiki).  After that, I became fascinated with all things energy therapy and funny enough, it was this path that led me to an exchange with a stranger who suggested that I would make a great Life Coach. A WHAT?! That job exists?  I went out and found a life coach of my very own and I can’t begin to explain how life-changing it was, how astonished I was at the progress I could make in so many areas, in such a short time.  From there, my heart knew the direction it wanted to head (this time I listened) and eventually I found myself in life coach training with one of THE world's best Life Coaches, Dr. Martha Beck, New York Times best-selling author and columnist for O Magazine.

So how did it all turn out?  Well I fearlessly and courageously took that leap years ago and WOW, I had no idea what I was capable of and what magic the universe had in store!  I was (and still am) living my purpose with passion AND success.

Life Coaching and Energy Therapy are POWERFUL allies in creating your greatest life.  I am truly blessed to see people step into their full power and potential and I am so grateful for this extraordinary work.

Follow your heart, it always knows the way.



My Life Coach training was completed with Dr. Martha Beck, New York Times best-selling author and Oprah's 'favourite life coach'. Pick up one of her books, you will not be sorry!  Martha Beck's program is second-to-none, blending science, psychology and spirituality to provide a holistic approach to coaching that truly supports personal transformation through the awakening of the inner spirit, showing each of us how to find, follow and live our greatest life.  Over the years, I have witnessed just how powerful this training has been for my clients and time and time again I am blown away by the results. Learn more.

Energy Therapy and intuitive healing Training

With over a decade of experience in Energy Healing and intuitive development, I am always learning and expanding my healing repertoire.

  • Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

  • Aqualead Master/Teacher

  • Integrated Energy Therapy Advanced Practitioner

  • Energy Intuitive and Soul Wisdom Channel

  • Crystal Healing & Chakra Balancing

  • Shamanic Practitioner Course of Study

  • Guided Meditation, Yoga, Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry, Numerology & Astrology …

If you haven't tried any of this stuff before but it peaks your curiosity, I very much encourage you to dive in! Learn more.

Business Marketing COACH

Prior to my current business, I spent 13+ years as a Marketing and Advertising professional, working both agency and client-side with amazing companies and institutions like the Ivey Business School at Western University, Mohawk College, Kraft Inc., Tim Horton's/TDL Group, Petro-Canada/Suncor Energy, as well as many other small to medium sized business. I truly value being able to bring both the strategic and metaphysical aspects of my experience into to my business client sessions — it makes a profound impact on the inside and out.
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