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“Caroline and I have been meeting for a weekly virtual coaching session for over two years and I cannot say enough of how pivotal her work with me has been. We meet primarily about my business and my aim is to always be heart-centred in my work. I find that with Caroline’s guidance, which balances the realms of the metaphysical with the logistical processes, I propel rapidly in my business and stay true to who I am. Through our work I have gained a better understanding of me, the way I view the world and how I can bring the best version of myself out.”

~ Emmy Pickering
Essential Oil Educator, dōTERRA Diamond Leader
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“Working with Caroline is an absolute joy! Week by week, we work through both the professional and personal limitations in my biz and strategize from a place that feels authentic and realistic for me. I never have a shortage of questions, ideas, and issues to discuss and Caroline is never short of solutions. I particularly love that we work from a place that honours both conventional business tactics AND my own heart-led alignment. 

Everyone needs Caroline in their back pocket - I don't know how I'd survive entrepreneurship without her! Thanks Caroline!

~ Dr. Jillian Murphy, ND
The Food Freedom/Body Love Method

”Within a few weeks of working with Caroline, she had helped me transform my business and my life.  It was like spring cleaning for my soul.  As the owner of a busy health clinic over the last 11 years, I had considered many business coaches but none clicked the way Caroline did.  She quickly zeroed in on what was holding me and my business back from taking that next step.  Thank you Caroline for giving me the courage to do what I already knew had to happen but didn't know how.  You are truly a gift in my life.  

~ Dr. Jennifer Luck, N.D.
Somerset Health and Wellness Centre

”Caroline is a beautiful force!  She is compassionate, empathetic, and true to herself,  leading by example.  Through coaching, she is not afraid to ask the tough questions, help her clients work through healing difficult situations and always offers guidance from a place of love and caring, so you can do the work feeling supported, to bring yourself into the space you are meant to be. I respect that Caroline seeks to continuously educate and develop herself as a coach and intuitive healer, always generously sharing the amazing things she has learned.   The Heal with Her Retreat in the Fall of 2018 was a truly magical experience.  It brought together so many inspiring women to share, heal and set positive intentions for moving forward.  I feel so blessed to be a part of that experience and look forward to the next one!”

~ Lindsey Spragg

“Caroline cares deeply for the emotional, mental and spiritual well being of all the women she works with. She helps you understand how to find your own alignment, so you can manifest the life you deserve and the second you meet her you will instantly feel how luminescent her soul is! She's mastered the art of expressing her own truth by sharing it with the world and in turn, teaching and inspiring all of us to do the same!”

~ Holly Smith Music
Musician and Composer
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"Living an aligned life is important to me and I have Caroline to thank for setting me on my correct path.

I started working with Caroline to achieve momentum in my business, but what I never imagined was how far reaching her coaching really goes.  All aspects of my life from business to family to self have been positively impacted and drastically changed through coaching.  Blocks that had me stuck in my business were also affecting my personal life and even manifesting as physical pain.  I am grateful for Caroline’s healing and teaching”

~ Jenna Malivoire
Essential Oil Educator, dōTERRA Gold Leader
Jenna Malivoire

“Holy WOW. I had no idea that there is a root cause to EVERY SINGLE THING that happens in your life. And Caroline has a crazy, uncanny way of circling around to help you DISSECT, REPAIR and HEAL in order to move forward in a healthy, positive way. I can say, without a doubt, that I am profoundly changed and will continue with the massive benefit of using a life coach for the rest of my life. I believe so strongly now, that to be the best you can be you need continued guidance and support and Caroline’s ability is way beyond my expectation of what a life coach could be. Love you coach. I will never be the same…”

~ Jacqueline Paradisi
Universal Concepts Design and Staging Solutions

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for everything! You've inspired me to follow my heart and despite the discomfort of uncertainty, I couldn't be happier!!! I moved to Winnipeg for my new job, I'm in Egypt already for the Sales Conference, I bought my trip of a lifetime to Brazil for New Years and life continues to show me signs that I am on the right path. Listening to my heart has changed my life and I am so grateful for your help!"

~ Danielle Martins

It’s hard to put into words the profound impact Caroline has made in my life.
I met Caroline about 6 months ago at one of her free meditations. For me I felt instant connection. Which doesn’t occur often as I am a “keep to myself/ don’t let people in”kind of person. I have since done Reiki, coaching, Soulfire and her retreat .....all in the span of six months! She fills you up with such incredible feminine power and energy and helps you to step into your best self. I’ve learned more about me, who I truly am and what I believe in, while working with Caroline for 6 months, then I did for 5 years of therapy with countless others. The best part of Caroline .....she’s REAL. Not a soft voice “everything is lovely and wonderful” kind of coach, she tells it like it is! That’s why I feel woman connect to her. Thank you Caroline for all you have brought to my life and I know we have much more to discover together.
— Julia Rodan
Working with Caroline has been transformative in both my personal life and my business. It’s hard to even believe how much I’ve changed in 12 months of coaching. From the significant improvement to my mindset around money to the increased belief in myself, coaching with Caroline has been worth every penny. I don’t worry about things going wrong the way I used to, instead I feel confident that I am on the right path and am following my purpose. I make decisions more confidently than ever before, because I know how to check in with myself and hear what my body/heart is saying. This is about so much more than talking to someone about your problems, it’s being given the tools to thrive on your own beyond anything you had thought possible.

— Julie MacGarvey, Essential Oil Educator & doTERRA Gold Leader
I absolutely adore Caroline! She is such a passionate and gifted person and has taught me so much through Reiki, IET, Life Coaching and Meditation. She has helped me become confident and more aware through courses she’s offered and has been an awesome encouragement and support for the start up of my new business.
She’s taught me to do more of what I love and trust my internal compass!
I have never left anything I’ve done with Caroline without feeling 100% fantastic! She has a way of bringing the best out of you and making you see it!!
— Charmaine Galivan, Galivan Acres Farms