The Core Energy of Your Business & Why it Matters

Have you ever walked into a business and felt their vibe? Or when you pick up a product, or go shopping online, do you sense a certain resonance? The energy of your business is key to creating that big ol’ magnet that is YOU + YOUR EXPRESSION!

Energy flows where attention goes.
— Michael Beckwith


Watch the video below and through a visualization and feeling exercise, identify some of the energy of your business through feeling.

After the video write down what you feel when visualizing your business and the various aspects that you can allow yourself to imagine (as if they were taking place right now). Again no mental judgement, just visualize and feel … then on a piece of paper write down the emotions, feelings and sensations.

Understanding the energy of your business will help you see how you will make others feel and what core vibes magnetize your tribe. And then we will take this into account in branding/design, content creation and interaction with your customers . And if you are still in the idea stage of your business, use this to start to inform where you want to go with your idea.

And don’t be surprised (or resist) if this exercise changes where you thought you wanted to with your brand or biz. Follow how you feel :)


To help you hone in on your ideal client and identify the energy you want to amplify and magnetize, I want you to begin to develop a persona for each target audience your business is here to serve. These personas are people you drooool at the opportunity to work with, so should feature a +7 or above on that body compass ;)

  1. Give this persona a name: i.e. Polly

  2. What is the age, location, occupation and salary of your ideal client?

  3. What activities and hobbies does your ideal client have?

  4. What might Polly want more of (or is she missing) in her life?

  5. Complete this phrase for each persona with respect to your business:

    I help _______X_______ do _________Y_________so that _________Z________

    (your persona)                         (how you help)                    (the result)

business archetypes

Your Primary Archetype (because we have a touch of them all, as suggested by Carl Jung) reveals the secret to our own clarity and allows you to create deeper emotional connections with your customer.

Archetypes guide the way in which your biz interacts with your audience. These interactions are what makes brands come alive for people, and in turn earn their strong positive attitude towards the brand.

Here are the 12 basic Jungian archetypes with some marketing references a brand might assume. Read through, what resonates the strongest?

1. The MAGICIAN makes dreams come true

Magician brands don’t build you a better toothbrush or help you keep your house clean; they bring your wildest dreams to life. Disney is an example of a magical brand. Though it is fundamentally a media company, the company offers a transformative experience. The organization sits in a category of its own because of its vision.

2. The SAGE is always seeking the truth

To a sage, wisdom is the key to success. Everything else is secondary to the pursuit of knowledge. Though this brand might give you the warm and fuzzies, and they don’t enrapture you in a fantasy world like Disney, a sage commands respect by illustrating brilliance.

3. The INNOCENT just wants to be happy

Everything is free, virtuous and content in an innocent’s world. An innocent brand will never guilt you try to convince you excessively. Instead, an innocent brand will charm you with something more powerful: Nostalgia.

4. The OUTLAW seeks revolution

The outlaw isn’t afraid. Where the innocent touches the part of you that loved snack time in kindergarten, the outlaw archetype appeals to the part of you that cut classes in high school. Building a cult following like Apple is the ultimate goal of an outlaw brand.

5. The JESTER lives in the moment

Humor, silliness, and nonsense are all in a jester’s toolkit. The goal of a jester brand is to make you smile with light-hearted fun.

6. The LOVER makes you theirs

Passion, pleasure, and sensuality are keys to the lover’s heart. A lover brand wants you to associate them with the intimate moments in your life. What do you buy to celebrate? How do you indulge your significant other? Chances are, you’re buying from a lover brand. Think of Godiva Chocolate ads. Do they ever make you think about your health, your finances or your future? No. Godiva seduces you. It shows off its richness and creaminess.

7. The EXPLORER break free

Freedom is the top priority for an explorer. Where other brands might try to help you build a home, these brands want to get you out of it.

8. The RULER wants absolute power

Luxury and exclusivity – A ruler brand is a gatekeeper. Perception as high-quality and expensive is critical, so product categories that fall under this umbrella are of the highest value.

9. The CAREGIVER nurtures you

The caregiver is benevolent and just wants to be there for you. Caregiver brands build trust. It’s rare to see a caregiver brand run an ad that takes a shot at their competition. They are the opposite of confrontational.

10. The HERO wants to prove themselves

The hero makes the world better by being the best. A hero brand isn’t concerned with nurturing, it’s there to challenge you. If you want to rise to the occasion, you’re going to need a hero’s help.

11. The REGULAR GUY/GIRL wants to belong

This archetype is focused on providing something so far removed from pretentiousness that it can appeal to everyone. It is the most challenging archetype to pull off because you have to have a product that actually appeals across demographics.

12. The CREATOR craves perfection

A creator isn’t worried about the cost of production or making things at scale. While the magician stresses vision and imagination, creators are different – they strive to create a product you can’t live without.

13. Is there an archetype you can create that is more fitting? I.e. Alchemist


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