Healing Your Thinking, Getting to Know Your Greatest Connection (You)
& Loving Yourself

This module is going to teach you why it is SO important to heal your thinking and begin to love and encourage yourself.  Everything you learned in Module 1 will create the building blocks and motivation for diving into Module 2, which will teach you foundational coaching tools for thought-work and shifting your thinking, while learning how to reconnect with your true self and LOVE that person like you never have before.


Watch the videos below, and give yourself 2 - 4 hours to complete the exercises over the week and of course, bring any questions you have to the call.  Don't worry if you can't complete the work before the call, this program isn't about making you feel behind ... you are at the most perfect spot for you at any moment --- don't stress! The calls are designed to help clarify concepts and motivate you along the way!


Tuesday, May 8th Group Coaching Call (7:00pm - 8:00pm)
This call is all about getting your thinking straight, loving yourself like CRAZY and watching your reality begin to change!

ZOOM Weekly Call (uses video & audio):
Use your phone, tablet or computer to run ZOOM and join the call!  You can turn off your camera and mute your phone when you are in the meeting if you need to :)


Set time aside everyday to do your yoga routine and listen to a guided meditation.  Your yoga practice is essential throughout the course to shift and move energy throughout your body, supporting any healing, releasing or shifting of blockages.
Visit your Gentle Yoga Class with Yogi, Tamara Verma (Yoga Ghar, Binbrook)



Set time aside to listen to the guided meditation(s) for the week, they are an important part of bringing clarity, connection and aligning your energies.  

Self Compassion Meditation
Daily Grounding Meditation

2.0 Thought Work: WHAT IS IN MY FREQUENCY?

As mentioned, our thoughts carry vibration and it is often in our various adopted belief systems that we find many of these thoughts that are UNtrue for us, that just don't feel good, or serve us in moving us to where we want to go.

Step 1
Become the observer of your thoughts for 1 day.

Step 2

Note down any negative thoughts, belief systems or patterns that you activate often throughout the day.


Your experiences have shaped a great deal about you and in some cases, may be shaping you in ways that no longer serve you. 

For this exercise, I want you to go back through your life and journal any negative events where you notice dirty pain.  Start when you were small and work your way up... you might be surprised to see what you have been holding on to.  Add this to your journal.


Please watch the video above and continue on to Full Potential (2) if you wish but watch this video in it's entirety to really understand this process of dissolving painful thinking and then fill out the worksheet below.

During my coach training, I was trained in Byron Katie's 'The Work', I would like everyone to fill out a worksheet and bring to the call for some coaching!

The Work, worksheet


It is very easy to lose sight of who you are.  When we are born we are whole and as we begin to grow, many factors (from parents to society and culture) begin to inform us of what is acceptable and what is not and how we should identify with who we are. In many cases the ‘coats we wear’ in life are not our own and it is our awareness of these miss-informed identities that is needed to truly identify who we are.  Using the exercises below, you will begin to identify who you ARE as a whole self.

The Social Self

Often referred to as your 'people pleaser' self.  This is who we take out to social situations, work, parties etc.  It is the self that is concerned with fitting in and therefore is prone to worrying too much about others.  This self can lead us astray if it isn't balanced out with your authentic self.

The authentic self

This is your true self, the one that often gets left out when life gets busy.  This self doesn't care about fitting in but rather cares a lot about finding joy, balance, contentment and energy.  The authentic self NEEDS your attention daily and the more you tune into what it needs, the happier you will. 

the shadow self

The shadow self refers to the hidden aspects of who we are, the ones that we have innocently hidden, are ashamed of, and/or were told at some stage this 'way of being/behaviour' is not acceptable.  Embracing your shadow and re-integrating these aspects of yourself are key to reaching wholeness.

2.2 Who Am I? - Life Coaching Exercise

Use this exercise to dive into the 3 selves, connecting with the deeper aspects of your entire being to begin to understand who you truly are.

Who Am I? (PDF)


Everything stems from your ability to love yourself and this is the stuff that we all LEAVE OUT, like somehow it can be left out!?!  Make TIME to love yourself, practice loving yourself, KNOW that loving yourself is the KEY to feeling exactly how you want to feel and experiencing what you want to experience. You will always be your most important connection, everything stems from there.

Loving Myself/Desire Mapping Exercise
- Get as crafty as you wish with this but create a page, board, mirror and cover it in:

  • Positive affirmations to remind you of the truth "I love and honour myself"
    (need help? imagine what you would say to your little girl?... write those down i.e. you are incredibly strong, beautiful & wise)
  • Desires of what you want to create in your life, they can be feelings, thoughts, things
  • Thoughts or things that always make you smile

Write all of this stuff down, decorate as you see fit and keep this somewhere you will see it everyday.

Create a Sacred Space   
Creating a sacred space that is surrounded in self-love, just an area for you, decorated with things you love, just while you go through the program, I think it might be a great idea and a place to keep all of your stuff.