Multipassionate Is The New Super Power!

Are you someone with a million and one ideas, constantly creating, incessantly inspired … struggling to focus on one thing? Consider yourself a new-age super-hero, cape and all.

Multipassionate is a term that seems to get a bad rap … often lumped in with the equally magical, jack of all trades, master of none. Well, I am here to share why being multipassionate may actually be your biggest gift (and ours).

Have you ever considered what happens when you are creating? All of that right-brain activity, serotonin flowin, imagination having, creative euphoria … sounds horrid, right? Well you are actually raising your vibration and accessing higher states of consciousness and if you weren’t aware, these high frequency states are exactly what your body needs for self-healing, optimal health and accessing that sweet frequency of love.

But that’s not all … high frequency states generate incredible solutions, visions, inventions and valuable insights that end up solving some of the world’s greatest problems. So, when your next creative craze hits — get onboard and give it permission to flow full force, without the need to shut it down with focus.

“What on earth am I going to do with all of these ideas?”, “How will I ever make anything of myself?”, “Why can’t I come up with that one amazing thing?”, these are the thoughts that kill creativity, they cap the expansion that creativity so effortlessly offers.

So how do you use your super power AND take action in your life?

Commit to letting your creativity flow and staying out of its way and then simply pay attention to what sticks. What ideas or inspirations seem to revisit you? What signs, signals and synchronicities is the Universe sending to you that point to a particular idea?

Next, in order to keep that energy flowing and momentum going, commit to taking some small action steps to investigate this ‘sticky idea’ to see where it may be leading you.

Now here is the most important part … try not to let your expectations and impatience get in the way, causing you to ‘want to know now’ and to immediately ‘do something with this idea’, which will ultimately cap its expansion. Creativity has a funny way of leading you to a final destination, generally blindfolded and riddled with anticipation … it hopes you will follow with enjoyment and freedom.

You see, with no expectation, you provide creativity the largest canvas in which to paint its masterpiece and don’t be fooled by your blindfold … it is indeed being painted with wonderous strokes and marvelous colours and when the finished product is revealed, you will by mystified by your very own artistry.

Lots of love,