Spiritual Mentorship

 As an intuitive healer, I live to (and absolutely love to) help other women awaken to their true Divine Feminine power, soul's purpose and natural gifts. 

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN in mentorship

  • How to develop your intuition and your ability to hear and trust in your body's wisdom

  • Discover your energy makeup, frequency magnet and true quantum nature

  • Learn how to work with the Universe and how to connect with your authentic self, higher self and guides

  • Working with lower vibrational energies such as fear, worry, doubt, despair

  • Activating your passion, motivation & creativity

  • How to take care of your energetic health, and wellness practices for personal connection, healing, peace, balance & clarity

  • Vibrational alignment practices for life/career/soul-based business success & abundance

  • Work with Law of Attraction, Divination, Meditation, Visualization & Manifestation Tools

  • The importance and practice of intention, attention, no tension

  • Embracing healing and releasing what no longer serves you to make room for what does

  • Healing the body from the inside-out and the emotional causes of physical symptoms/dis-ease

  • Shifting from 3rd dimension to 5th dimensional energy

  • How to become your own inner Shaman or Guide

My Spiritual Mentorship clients are the highly sensitive intuitives, the courageous trailblazers, the cosmic wayfinders, the secret healers, helpers and guides who came with great purpose, who got busy on their journey, learning their lessons and anchoring in new energy, creating new potential realities through higher thought forms, expanded ways of being, through choosing higher vibrational words, actions, connections and through creating beautiful businesses that are true expressions from the heart, bringing much needed healing to the planet. My love and appreciation to each of you. Keep going!
— Caroline Watters


The Spiritual Mentorship Program is for women who are looking to unearth their spiritual gifts while continuing their journey of self-love, healing and growth.  This mentorship program encourages the student to become the teacher, showing you where your inspiration, motivation, value, worth and gifts are, and how you need to start looking up to YOU, to see yourself as the Life Coach, to see yourself as the Shaman, to see yourself as the Divine Feminine Creator that you came here to be. It is my promise that this process will give you the courage, wisdom and knowing to whole-heartedly step into your power and follow your soul's purpose.

Through this coaching-mentorship process, you can also expect to deepen your knowledge of spirituality, astrology, numerology, Mother Earth and Nature as Teacher, Divine Feminine Energy and the Cosmos. 

If you identify with the term light-worker, healer, or the divine feminine (or maybe you do now that you have heard a bit about it), then  you have been waiting for this journey, and it has been waiting for YOU!

The world NEEDS your magic
your time is now!

I had NO idea how intuitive I actually was and how much easier my life is now that I don’t need to listen to the noise! Through spiritual mentorship I have learned how to support my sensitive nature, how to empower myself and the direction I need to take to make my passion a full-time purpose! Thank you soooo much for everything, Caroline!
— Anna B.


Once we begin to realize our innate power and gifts to shift and change our energy to attract the reality we want, we will finally see what it feels like to sit in the driver's seat of your own lives.

Whether you are interested in transforming your life, relationships or business, understanding your ‘vibrational makeup’ will help you to skillfully make the changes you need in your life to shift your energy and tune into higher frequencies, thoughts and beliefs that will have you attracting and creating your BEST LIFE!


Intuitive coaching supports the awakening of an individuals' truest potential, to help them to see the gifts they hold and what their purpose, passion and direction in life may be.  In addition to using my own intuitive senses in sessions, a fundamental part of coaching is helping my clients to trust in their own intuitive guidance. If you’re facing a big decision or moving through change, intuitive coaching can give you a higher viewpoint perspective to help bring clarity and direction.

GETTING STARTED in A Spiritual Mentorship

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Caroline can take you to places deep within your Soul that other’s just can’t. This is her gift and for that I am so grateful to her. This process has been an enormous expansion and awakening for my life, relationships and business. Thank you!!!
— Becca C.