Spiritual Coaching

 As an intuitive healer and self-proclaimed cosmic wayfinder, I love to help my clients tap into their soul's wisdom and mission, showing them how to connect with their guides, co-create with the universe and open up to their energetic, intuitive, and healing gifts.


  • How to connect with your authentic self and reconnect with your true nature
  • Energy health, wellness and management practices for personal connection, healing, peace, balance & clarity
  • Vibrational alignment practices for life/career/soul-based business success & abundance
  • Law of Attraction, Divination & Manifestation Tools
  • The importance and practice of connection, intention, trust, faith and allowing 
  • Releasing what no longer serves you 
  • Working with lower vibrational energies such as fear, worry, despair
  • Activating your passion, motivation & creativity
  • Emotional causes of physical symptoms/dis-ease
  • Healing the body from the inside-out
  • Shifting from 3rd dimension to 5th dimensional energy
Caroline is extremely passionate about energy work and teaching to help brighten the lives of others. It shows in the quality of the course she has created as well as in the connection she develops with each and every one of her students. You will always be made to feel warm and welcome in Caroline’s presence. I would absolutely encourage anyone who is thinking about expanding their skills in energy work, to go under Caroline’s wing! You will be glad you did!
— Holly S., Reiki Level 2 Student


Spiritual coaching is for those who are looking to build a stronger connection to their higher-self, their bodies' wisdom, Mother Earth, the Cosmos and the Divine.  If you identify with a light-worker, healer, or starseed and you are ready to step fully into your soul's mission, you have come to the right place to unearth your gifts and work your magic!

The world NEEDS your magic
your time is now!


I specialize in helping my clients to access their higher wisdom, innate power, and life's truest potential through learning about their connection to the quantum world. Everything is energy (including us) and it is this process of understanding that allows us to 'awaken' to our true nature and come into alignment with our real power, passion and purpose.  Whether you are interested in improving your life, career or business, using the quantum power approach will transform your deepest desires into reality.


Intuitive coaching supports the awakening of an individuals' truest potential, to help them to see the gifts they hold and what their purpose, passion and direction in life may be.  In addition to using my own intuitive senses in sessions, a fundamental part of coaching is helping my clients to trust in their own intuitive guidance. If you’re facing a big decision or moving through change, intuitive coaching can give you a higher viewpoint perspective to help bring clarity and direction.


  • To get things started, each life coaching client receives pre-work via email to fill out and send back prior to their first session (so we are ready to dig right in).  
  • The life coaching pre-work will narrow down your focus for the sessions and at each session, we can adjust course depending on your needs.
  • You are never left flying solo after a session is over, text/email support is available for the duration of our coaching together, so you can reach out at any time to get the support you need.  
  • Depending on your goals, I will provide the right exercises during and in-between sessions to maintain progress toward your goal.
  • Coaching is done over the phone or Skype (in-person sessions are also available for those who are local)


View the Coaching Retainer information for more details on pricing and options.