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A must-have voice and presence for any event where there are truth-seekers, trailblazers, wayfinders, soulpreneurs and communities of women seeking empowerment, enlightenment and love.

I asked Caroline to talk at one of my trainings with over 50 business partners as I knew she’d be the perfect complement to our thriving, limiting-belief busting group. And she was! Caroline was such a presence, so many people felt rocked by her words and that she spoke right to them. Her talk was inspiring and informative and gave us tools to help us continue to grow in our businesses and lives, and to keep moving from our heads and into our hearts. I’d love to have Caroline share her gift of speaking with us and look forward to doing so again and again!
— Emmy Pickering essential oil educator | dōTERRA diamond leader
“I have had the pleasure of hosting six speaking events with Caroline. Her ability to inspire and captivate an audience is remarkable. She engages guests through humour, her own personal turmoil and triumph and audience participation. The passion she has for helping people find their life’s purpose and joy shines as she connects with her audience. I highly recommend Caroline. She will bring inspiration and motivation to any event.”
— Hamilton Public Libraries


What to expect?
'A-ha' moments, inspiration, laughter, life coaching and energy therapy tips and tricks, not to mention a boat load of motivation to get you from where you are in life, to where you are truly meant to be.

About your speaker:
Caroline Watters, is a Life Coach, Intuitive Healer & Motivational Speaker who is incredibly passionate about showing people the untapped potential that lies within and how we can transform our lives when we honour our authenticity, overcome our limiting beliefs and awaken to our true expression. Learn more


Upcoming Engagements

Answers for Women Event

Get Out of Your Head and Live From Your Heart

Monday, July 16th, 2018, 6:30 - 7:30PM
Burlington, On 

Heart coherence is a form of magic that we ALL possess, giving each of us the ability to create the reality we want. This inspirational speaking event will teach you how to tap into your heart, hear its profound wisdom, embrace your authentic-self and vibrationally align with your master manifesting tool ❤❤❤. Just as Nikola Tesla states, "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." Your heart is 100,000 times stronger electrically and up to 5,000 times more magnetic than the brain. 


Past Engagements

Moving from Your Head into Your Heart

Wednesday, April 18th 2018, 6:30 - 7:30PM (Free Admission)
Binbrook Library

What if I told you that your heart knows exactly who you truly are, what you have been longing for, and how best to get there?
Whether you want to improve your life, career or business, learning how to move from your head into your heart is KEY to making (and manifesting) successful, positive changes in all areas of your life. Join Inspirational Speaker & Life Coach, Caroline Watters, for an hour that is designed to teach you how to listen to and follow the most important compass you have --- your heart!


Wednesday March 15th 2018, 6:30 - 7:30pm. (Free Admission)
Binbrook Library

Learn the steps to find a meaningful, successful career that is right for you!  Are you unsure of what you want, the path to take and which careers are best suited to you? Learn why it is important to leverage your natural gifts, talents, strengths and skills to create a career plan that is exciting and meaningful to you! (Suited for Teens and Adults).  

DoTERRA Entrepreneur's EVENT
Kingston, ON

Moving from your head into your heart

In need of entrepreneurial direction, inspiration and understanding the path that is right for you?  The heart is the key to our business success (and life for that matter).  Learn about the science and quantum connection we have with our largest source of wisdom and guidance in this life, how to activate it, and move past your fears to start building BIG business that you love and others will too!

Spring Health & Wellness Expo

The Truth About Finding Happiness

It is important to align your life to who you truly are, in order to live a life that is meant for you, one that feels good, one that naturally energizes and motivates you. Happiness is a naturally flowing bi-product of living your life to to who you are.  And you are a truly unique person, made up of unique values, characteristics, attributes, and experiences.  Embrace YOU and happiness will meet you there.



2016 - Everyone Can Live a Happier Life... Starting NOW!  

Learn more about cultivating happiness through the most important relationship you will ever have --- the one with yourself.  I believe happiness lies within and when we take the time to embrace who we truly are and learn how to support ourselves, as ourselves, we cultivate a life of incredible happiness, joy and meaning. 



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