Step into an experience that will leave you feeling inspired and fully alive as the truly wild, wise and free woman that you are!

Isn't that what all women truly need to feel on a night out --- wild, wise and free?

I have learned to just do these things for myself now as part of my ‘happy plan’. I am completely recharged and thankful every time I keep these important meetings with myself.
— Tracy R.



The Soul Sister Collective is an important project for Caroline, as it relies on creating a community for women that just feels good.  Each event is created with various artists and inspirational story-tellers, that come together to design and create transformational experiences for women, to be able to share, learn, grow and evolve... oh, and of course having a damn good time while doing it.  The Sisterhood experience starts from the moment you arrive, until the minute you leave and I promise you will be lighter, brighter, and more inspired than ever!

Event Listings

Thursday March 6th, 2018 from 8:30pm - 12pm
Ladies Night with the Soul Sister Collective (At The Blend, Binbrook) 

The Blend, Smoothies Evolved
2501, Hwy 56, Binbrook ON
~ $60+txpp, pre-registration required (doors at 8:30pm)

Featuring the incredible live music and story-telling of Holly Smith & Lacey Hill

There is never a dull moment in the Sisterhood!  Enjoy an evening for the mind, body and soul, with incredible live music, lots of laughter, story-telling, inspirational speaking, guided-meditations, oracle card readings, empowerment sessions, intuition-building exercises, and more!

Holly Smith

Lacey Hill

The Atmosphere
Come dressed up or laid back (whatever you feel like), we encourage you to simply 'come as you are'.  The atmosphere is genuine and authentic, a true women's circle, where all judgement and/or self-judgement is left at the door. The purpose of the Soul Sister Collective is to lift one another up, to inspire, encourage, share, teach and heal. 

New to it all? Come open to a completely unique experience, specifically designed to inspire and empower women. You will LOVE it, I promise.  Come solo and meet some new friends, or bring a friend (or three).

Upcoming Events:
April TBD

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Through Caroline’s work you can see her passion to grow, teach and learn. Her authenticity radiates. Her knowledge is remarkable! Who doesn’t want their own personal cheerleader?
Caroline has a way of lifting you up while helping to remove any baggage that would prevent individual growth. Her dedication with seminars, personal coaching, classes, reiki, meditation and more are a sweet reminder how important “you” time is.
The world seems a little lighter — a little brighter when you know there is someone like Caroline always in your corner.
— Sarah N.