Soul Empowerment Session
Are you in need of some assistance from your Soul?

If you are feeling lost, drained of your life-force, stuck in the muck, or looking for answers and deeper meaning to help you live your best and most meaningful life, then a Soul Empowerment Session is just the catalyst you (and your Soul) have been searching for!

As soon as we started our session it was as if Caroline had known me for years, or the real me that is! I have never had someone understand me like that. The messages I received from my Soul and guides felt true to my core, and the card reading blew my mind with how accurate it was. I can’t thank you enough for this gift.
— Mel R.

Why choose a Soul Empowerment Session?

  • Gain understanding, clarity and direction with a situation in your life or business

  • Receive divinely channelled messages from your higher self and spirit guides

  • Develop a deeper awareness of your authentic self, original energy makeup and who you came here to be

  • Discover and begin to heal energetic imprints, patterns of behaviour and core wounds that might be holding you back

Caroline can take you to places deep within your Soul that other’s just can’t. This is her gift and for that I am so grateful to her. This process has been an enormous expansion and awakening for my life, relationships and business. Thank you!!!
— Becca C.

what to expect:

  • The session is 1.5-hours in length and can be done over the phone, skype, or zoom

  • I will connect in with your energy and higher-self as you discuss the situation you would like support with

  • You will receive any channelled messages and wisdom from your higher-self and guides, along with empowerment coaching to help support taking action required to make change

  • We will close-out your session with a 3-card oracle reading for further confirmation, clarity and understanding

  • You will also benefit from a post-session follow up with energy balancing techniques, coaching tools and mind-body strategies specific to your session that will help you on your journey


  • $120+tx for a 90 minute session (phone, Skype or Zoom)

  • Payment can be made online or via e-transfer

I am a firm believer in teaching someone how to fish vs. just giving them the fish ... my Soul Empowerment Sessions are designed to bring my clients messages from their soul, while teaching them tools and concepts that will deepen their own authentic connection and empower them to create the life they came here to live.
— Caroline Watters