Business Coaching
Be successful in business in a way that is meaningful, rewarding and feels good!

Many spiritual, heart-led women in business are seeking new ways of leading, managing, creating and growing their businesses and careers in ways that truly FEEL good to them.  And these soulful badass fempreneurs are also seeking a life of balance, love, freedom and independence --- a life that will continue to align them with their deeper purpose, create more meaning and manifest their greatest desires. 


the importance of soul alignment in business

You are a Divine Feminine Creator (yes you, the curious one with the heart pounding passion to create a big beautiful business that helps, guides and heal others), you are the one with that unique energy, set of gifts, talents, values, and voice.  And your tribe is waiting, I promise, because you wouldn't have the desire in your heart to create 'that thing' it if they weren't there waiting to receive it, this is simply how the Universe works!

Once we begin to address and release the layers of doubt, worry, frustration and fear that creep into your business, we can tackle the obstacles of resistant energy and tap into your intuitive power, creating ultimate alignment and your ability to harness your innate gifts to successfully (and joyfully) create a rewarding business that you love (and so many others will too).

“Working with Caroline is an absolute joy! Week by week, we work through both the professional and personal limitations in my biz and strategize from a place that feels authentic and realistic for me. I never have a shortage of questions, ideas, and issues to discuss and Caroline is never short of solutions. I particularly love that we work from a place that honours both conventional business tactics AND my own heart-led alignment. Everyone needs Caroline in their back pocket - I don’t know how I’d survive entrepreneurship without her! Thanks Caroline!

— Dr. Jillian Murphy, ND The Food Freedom/Body Love Method

Work with Wisdom, Not Fear ... A Fempreneur's Secret Weaponry

Imagine building your business being comfortable with confronting fear, trusting and listening to your body's wisdom, feeling confident in your value, moving from your head into your heart, knowing you have a right to your own success and freedom with what you have to offer. 

Through Business Coaching, you will learn secret women-weaponry, like how to tap into your intuition and body's decision-making skills, continually aligning your business to your core essence (not someone else's), feeling confident as you expand, co-creating something truly magical from within you, out into the Universe.

Getting started:

If it is time to make the right investment and commitment in your life and business, you have come to the right place. View the Coaching Retainer information for more details and be sure to book a free 45-minute coaching consult to make sure it is the right fit for you.

Caroline’s work with us has been priceless. Wish I had STARTED our business with her guidance! We would have saved a lot of time, energy and money getting to where we wanted to be. Her intuitive, informed Life and Business Coaching has inspired profound, positive change for us, both personally and professionally. It is the holistic approach to coaching that really made the difference for us.
— Tamara Verma, Owner, Yoga Ghar - Yoga Wellness & Learning Centre

Business Coaching will ...

  • Help you to identify the core energy, resonance and magnetism of you and your business

  • Show you where you are out of alignment with your core energy and within your business

  • Teach you the valuable tools and practices for creating vibrational alignment (i.e. Thought Dissolving, Body Compass, Money Blueprint, Intuition)

  • Keep you on top of your game as a truly unique Fempreneur, living with passion and purpose

  • Help you walk toward your fears, conquer your doubts, overcome obstacles and build connections that generate growth and success

  • Show you how to trust, manage, use, and express your energy to make BIG shifts in your marketing and sales

  • Teach you the fempreneur weaponry of trusting your intuition, and using law-of-attraction and body-wisdom to help you grow

  • Show you how to access your clear, accurate and intuitive guidance

  • Teach you how to generate a positive mind-set, filled with creativity, and motivation to move forward

  • Show you how to create custom business planning tools just for you, that FEEL GOOD and PRODUCE RESULTS

  • Teach you how to create life/work balance and how to have energetic flow in all aspects of your life

  • Show you how to reach for your goals through the power of setting intentions and the process of manifesting your desires into realities

To have a business coach that can address both the internal drivers and stuck places AND business and marketing strategy has removed all the barriers for me. When stuck on a business task because it doesn’t feel right, we can dig in and adjust, change or nix it. AND I can understand WHY it doesn’t fit, so I can make decisions from that new knowledge going forward. Caroline listens, and has wicked accurate intuition, which she uses to hone in on the heart of the matter. She has also magically made marketing copy simple for me, by telling me what’s needed, and giving examples. When trying to follow your own drummer in your business, I highly recommend Caroline – get past stuck, to action.
— Mariamne Ingalls, Owner, Mariamne Ingalls Consulting
What you are creating may be so special, so new, that you might find yourself not knowing and needing to ’live into’ the road ahead. Caroline helped me to see the powerful creator I am and the beauty of my own expansion in this way of  ‘working’. I can’t tell you how beneficial my strength and ability to completely trust in my unknown path to success has become!
— Claire P.