Reiki Treatment

There is nothing more amazing than a Reiki session with Caroline. I can feel my mind, body and emotions come back into alignment, my energy increases and my overall health is boosted. Plus I love the card reading at the end!
— Heather C.

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) is a form of hands-on healing that originated in Japan, in 1922. It is a deeply relaxing experience that eases pain, tension, and stress and balances the energy centers (chakras) of the body. The result is an overall sense of well-being and peace. It speeds the healing of injuries, gently realigns and detoxifies the body, and aids in the recovery from emotional trauma. Reiki healing can provide long-term relief because it heals at the source of illness, whether it is at the physical, emotional or mental level. 


  • Rapid stress reduction
  • Relief from pain, anxiety & depression
  • Improved sleep and digestion  
  • A greater sense of well-being
  • Relief of headaches, cold symptoms, flu symptoms, strains, sprains and even the side effects of cancer treatments.
  • Increases vitality and postpones the aging process.
  • The continued use of Reiki treatments when you are not sick will manifest itself as self- confidence and self-assurance.
  • It speeds the healing of injuries
  • Gently realigns and detoxifies the body
  • Aids in the recovery from emotional trauma.
  • Provides long-term relief because it heals at the source of illness, whether it is at the physical, emotional or mental level. 

What to Expect at a Full Session?

Sessions are 60 minutes in length, You remain fully clothed, laying face-up on a massage table with eyes closed and arms relaxed at your sides. Most people experience a very deep sense of relaxation and tension release. You may feel very comforting warmth, heat or tingling sensations. Others report a light floating feeling, while some also see dream images or colours during the session.  Overall, Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive, holistic method of healing.  It can safely be combined with traditional medical treatments, other holistic practices or on its own.  

Book a REiki Treatment

~ $80+ tx, 1-hour Reiki Treatment
~ $280+ tx, package of 4, 1-hour Reiki Treatments


If you feel strongly about Reiki, you may be interested in learning it for yourself.  I teach Usui Reiki Level 1Reiki Level 2, Reiki Level 3 and don't forget our furry friends, Reiki Level 1 for Pets and Reiki Level 2 for Pets.

Reiki Treatments For Your PEt

When it comes to caring for our furry friends, the ancient Japanese technique of Reiki can be a helpful tool for an animal's physical healing, as well as to alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, fear and aid in their general wellness. Learn more about Reiki Treatments for your pet.