Reiki Level 2 for Pets

In Reiki Level 2 for Pets, often referred to as the 'Practitioner Level', you will learn advanced Reiki techniques, deepening your healing methods, techniques and knowledge of working with animals.

Reiki Level 2

During Level 2, we continue to expand our intuition and abilities with the 4 Clair's (Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience & Claircognizance) to deepen our connection with ourselves, our animals and the nature surrounding us.  Plus the magical trip out to the Horse Farm to spend an hour with 5 Miniature Horses who LOVE Reiki.

The second degree requires a further attunement to the symbols used in this level. After the level 2 attunement the student is able to channel more energy, further enhancing their level 2.

Those who chose to do level 2 are often considering becoming a practitioner, or wish to use Reiki to complement another modality they use.  Self-healing is still an important part of this level to clear out energy blocks to allow the student to become a more efficient Reiki channel. 

The focus of level two is on deepening mindfulness, along with heart-opening meditations to be in the right frequency for an animal to best receive your energy.  Also we will be reviewing the Japanese healing symbols for mental and emotional healing and on sending Reiki from a distance to a pet, wild animal or group of animals.  

This is a highly experiential training day where you will also learn different techniques to treat various animals from pets, to rescues, to wildlife.  Topping the day off with a visit to the horse farm to practice Reiki on 5 Miniature Horses.


  • full-day immersive group class (Private, semi-private or group classed can be scheduled separately also)
  • Full payment is required to hold your spot (max class size of 6)
  • Cost includes manual, lunch & Reiki Level 2 for Pets Certificate
  • You must have your Reiki Level 2 in order to take this class


~ $300+ tx for Reiki Level 2 for Pets course, includes manual, lunch & certificate
You must have your Reiki Level 2 in order to take this class

Reiki is love, Love is wholeness, Wholeness is balance, Balance is well being, Well being is freedom from disease
— Dr. Mikao Usui