Module One - Who Am I?

This module will help you to discover the gem that you truly are!
Watch the videos below, and give yourself 2 - 4 hours to complete the exercises over the week and of course, bring any questions you have to the call.  

Don't worry if the exercises are not yet complete prior to the weekly calls.  The calls are designed to help clarify concepts and motivate you along the way!

1.1 Prework

A fun set of questions to get you and I both up-to-speed on where this journey begins!  .


In Native culture, original medicine refers to the concept that we are each born with a unique set of gifts to share with the world. Your unique values, characteristics, attributes and energy all make up a package that is all you and only you. It is this unique expression that you are here to share with others and I believe it is through this exchange that we live our greatest moments and life.  So with that said, watch the video below and dive into your Original Medicine Timeline to understand more about who you truly are and what you are here to share. 

1.2 Your Original Medicine Life Coaching Exercise
To understand more about who you are, use the exercise below to dive into some big events in your life and explore who you were at the time, how you handled the situation and what you learned.

Original Medicine Timeline (PDF)

1.3 Who Am I?

It is very easy to lose sight of who you are.  When we are born we are whole and as we begin to grow, many factors (from parents to society and culture) begin to inform us of what is acceptable and what is not and how we should identify with who we are. In many cases the ‘coats we wear’ in life are not our own and it is our awareness of these miss-informed identities that is needed to truly identify who we are.  Using the exercises below, you will begin to identify who you ARE as a whole self.

The Social Self

Often referred to as your 'people pleaser' self.  This is who we take out to social situations, work, parties etc.  It is the self that is concerned with fitting in and therefore is prone to worrying too much about others.  This self can lead us astray if it isn't balanced out with your authentic self.

The authentic self

This is your true self, the one that often gets left out when life gets busy.  This self doesn't care about fitting in but rather cares a lot about finding joy, balance, contentment and energy.  The authentic self NEEDS your attention daily and the more you tune into what it needs, the happier you will. 

the shadow self

The shadow self refers to the hidden aspects of who we are, the ones that we have innocently hidden, are ashamed of, and/or were told at some stage this 'way of being/behaviour' is not acceptable.  Embracing your shadow and re-integrating these aspects of yourself are key to reaching wholeness.

1.3 Who Am I? - Life Coaching Exercise

Use this exercise to dive into the 3 selves, connecting with the deeper aspects of your entire being to begin to understand who you truly are.

Who Am I? (PDF)

original medicine.jpg

1.4 Meditation

Guided meditations are a weekly part of the program.  To get you started, read through the Meditation 101 PDF to learn some tips, tricks and benefits of meditation and then find a quiet 30 mins in your day to try out this week's guided meditation.  You may want to journal your insights from the meditation afterwards.

Meditation 101 (PDF)
Authentic Self Guided Meditation (Audio)