Module Five

Learn how to work with fear
and overcome obstacles 

Work with your fear, in fact, run straight towards it!  This module with teach you how to gain confidence in yourself, while working with fear and overcoming obstacles that typically hold you back from pursuing your dreams.


Watch the videos below, and give yourself 2 - 4 hours to complete the exercises over the week and of course, bring any questions you have to the call.  Don't worry if you can't complete the work before the call, this program isn't about making you feel behind ... you are at the most perfect spot for you at any moment --- don't stress! The calls are designed to help clarify concepts and motivate you along the way!


Tuesday, May 29nd Group Coaching Call (7pm - 8pm)
This call is all about getting your thinking straight, loving yourself like CRAZY and watching your reality begin to change!

ZOOM Weekly Call (uses video & audio):
Use your phone, tablet or computer to run ZOOM and join the call!  You can turn off your camera and mute your phone when you are in the meeting if you need to :)


Set time aside everyday to do your yoga routine and listen to a guided meditation.  Your yoga practice is essential throughout the course to shift and move energy throughout your body, supporting any healing, releasing or shifting of blockages.
Visit your Gentle Yoga Class with Yogi, Tamara Verma (Yoga Ghar, Binbrook)



Set time aside everyday to listen to the guided meditation(s) for the week, they are an important part of bringing clarity, connection and aligning your energies.  

Releasing Fear & Obstacles
Setting the Chakras for Optimal Flow

5.0 Fear.  Why it happens?

Fear is actually a good thing, when REAL things are threatening our survival, fear is super helpful in identifying what to get the hell away from! 

Now, fear within most everyday life and certainly within a personal development context... is likely  going to be 'false fear', meaning the thoughts you think trip your natural fight or flight response (fear response) due to certain factors (i.e. it presents unknowns to you.  Unknown is often perceived as scary) and therefore the brain does it's thang ... it fires safety thoughts at you, "Just stay in this situation, it is comfortable and 'safe'". 

For example:

"I really want to start my own business doing x for y"

  • Who do you think you are to be able to do that, you know nothing about business
  • You have too much stuff that requires your time, you can't possibly start a business
  • You will never make money (keep in mind money = saftey in our culture) doing that

So false fear is where we require ourselves to go back to the basic premise of coaching and do 'thought work' ... is this thought actually true?  Does it make me feel suffering?  Turn the thought around to the opposite and the self, play with it and look for a thought that feels more true. 

For example:

Thought:  I would put my family at risk if I followed my dreams right now.
Reframe:  I would put my family in love if I followed my dreams right now, I wouldn't put my family at risk if I followed my dreams right now. I would put ME at risk if I didn't follow my dreams right now.

Question: What reframed thought becomes MORE true for you?  Write it down and then below, list 3 examples to support that new, more true thought. 

For example:

More True Thought: I would put ME at risk if I didn't follow my dreams right now.

3 examples to support this new thought to anchor it in...

  • I would feel depressed and my family would feel that if I didn't follow my dreams
  • I feel so strongly about needing to put myself first for once that I know this would give me more and be more energizing
  • This is something that makes me feel so incredibly happy, I know I will bring that energy into my home which is invaluable and I can also make extra money doing what I love

Follow Your Fear

So the one thing that is super cool about fear is that it usually signals that you have found something inside of you that is sooooo important to you, your initial response to it is ... FEAR.  Fear is your friendly flag to say, "head this way, you are hot on the trail of finding your deepest desires."

Check it out!  Marie Forleo share's this insight in one of her entertaining, inspiring and insightful videos:

5.1 Busting through obstacles

Obstacles are opportunities for growth, just like everything else in this 'nature program', we all learn, take in our surroundings and grow.  Obstacles are nature's way of helping you learn something and likely, pointing you in a slightly different direction you may not have been able to see before.  So in other words ... LOVE your obstacles and embrace them for the teaching tools and helpful detours that they are, NOT the roadblocks we ALLOW them to be because deep down we have listened to false fear and are just looking for something to get in our way (sneaky, very sneaky false fear).

List your obstacles & create your best affirmations
Write down your desire and then list all of your obstacles. Next to each, write down an affirmation to support 'opening the door' vs. creating a 'closed door'

For example:
"I can't leave my job because I wouldn't have any money"

"Money flows to me easily, always, in all ways"

Use your affirmations on your vision board.  Keep practicing the new vibrations of the thing you DO want and focus less and less on what you don't want.  Activate the energy you wish to create with :)


I LOVE using visualization to shift my energy out of fear and obstacles, into allowing, having and feeling.  The more you allow, have and feel ... the less you experience fear and obstacles, and the more solutions you have access to.