Releasing Resistance | Alignment Class

This module is a live group coaching class and guided meditation with Caroline Watters on identifying, processing and releasing resistance, fear and obstacles in your life and business.

releasing resistance

This is a catch-up class with very little prep as you will be using part one of the Business Energy Blueprint submitted in Module 1. You should have received your submission back, so you can reference. If you didn’t, email me at

Review your answers and pick one fear that really rattles you and bring it to the call!


After the call, it is YOUR turn to share your inner coach-wisdom with the tribe! Your homework is to do a facebook LIVE (yes, yikey’s —- you will do great!) in the group on your biggest fear.


Ex. Fear “I will never be successful because I am overwhelmed in my life right now, I should give up.”

1. Listen to it
what is your fear truly saying? Go beneath the surface. What is it's wisdom?
I.e. I believe my overwhelm means I should just give up on my business because if you are overwhelmed you can’t be successful. My fear is showing me I am worried about being overwhelmed.

2. Love it
give your fear what it needs
I am overwhelmed and need to ask for help

3. Let it go
once you have listened to the fear, loved it and received it's wisdom --- let go of the rest
fear is not who you are, you are not meant to become it

Stressed about the LIVE? Try yoga or a grounding meditation before doing it :)