Listening to Your Body's Wisdom

This module is going to teach you how to reconnect with your true nature and learn how to allow your body and its wisdom to guide you to where you are truly meant to be.


Watch the videos below, and give yourself 2 - 4 hours to complete the exercises over the week and of course, bring any questions you have to the call.  Don't worry if you can't complete the work before the call, this program isn't about making you feel behind ... you are at the most perfect spot for you at any moment --- don't stress! The calls are designed to help clarify concepts and motivate you along the way!


Tuesday, May 15th Group Coaching Call (7:00pm - 8:00pm)
This call is all about getting your thinking straight, loving yourself like CRAZY and watching your reality begin to change!

ZOOM Weekly Call (uses video & audio):
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Set time aside everyday to do your yoga routine and listen to a guided meditation.  Your yoga practice is essential throughout the course to shift and move energy throughout your body, supporting any healing, releasing or shifting of blockages.
Visit your Gentle Yoga Class with Yogi, Tamara Verma (Yoga Ghar, Binbrook)



As part of building your intuition, I want you to set up a 5-minute meditation and journaling routine everyday for the next week.  This week's meditations will not be guided, so here are some tips to help with getting started!

Concentration & Mindfulness Meditation Practice


Moving from the head into the body can be a game-changer for those who struggle with listening and trusting the guidance of their authentic/essential self and also your intuitive information from your soul/higher self.  Watch the video to learn why your body's wisdom has the keys to help you navigate your BIGGEST dreams and BEST life.


The mind thinks while the body feels. Our bodies have a special and unique relationship with the vibrating matrix of our reality, one which we can learn to tap into and be informed from. As discussed, we are energy at our core, with a physical body that relies on sensory information to function, just like all animals and nature as a whole.

How many times in the past have each of us had strong feelings to either do or not do something that later proved to be accurate? For most of us the answer will be many times. Intuitively we have always known that trusting our feelings usually leads us in the right direction, even if we don’t always act upon it.

But trusting our feelings takes on a whole new level of acceptability now that it has been scientifically proven to be accurate. The signals coming to us directly from the body are messages from our environment. Our body picks up this information and translates it to us as feelings.

Learning the language of the body is simply a matter of being sensitive and in tune with our feelings. The more we learn to discern these unique body messages and act upon them, the more effective we become as human beings.

Try out the exercise in the video to get out of your head and into your body!


Your 'body compass' knows what’s true for you and can help you align your life with that truth. 

Think back to a time when you knew you were out of alignment in your life. Maybe you were out of alignment in a big way or maybe you were out of alignment in more subtle ways – selling out your integrity in a soul-sucking job or drinking yourself to sleep every night or staying in a relationship with someone you don’t love.

If you can remember how your body felt during those times, chances are good that your body didn’t feel so hot. You may have had headaches or gastrointestinal distress or a flare up of a skin condition or allergies. Or you may have just felt fatigued. But I’ll bet your body was signaling to you that you were off course.  Our bodies are brilliant that way. They act as compasses, letting us know when we’re headed in the right direction – and when we’re not.

Watch the video above for the exercise.

How to practice and use the Body Compass:

Do you have a decision to make? Take a deep breath, relax, and close your eyes. 

Now fully visualize having made the decision, see yourself there, enact all of your senses and imagine it as a complete reality, and then notice how your body feels.

Pay attention to how your physical body feels, not necessarily what your emotions are.  Where do you feel sensation in your body?  What type of sensation is it?

You can give this sensation, or combination of sensations, a name to summarize the physical feeling.  If you're feeling a lightness in your chest, or a broadening or expansion in your shoulders, you could name it "standing tall" or "light and free."

As the Buddah always says, “ The sea always tastes of salt. And enlightenment always tastes of freedom.” Which way is your body compass pointing you? What decision feels like freedom? What decision feels like prison? 

Share your body compass experiences with the Facebook group!



As you become more attentive to your intuition, you'll start to see that it's always running, always communicating with you through the four "clairs": clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling) and claircognizance (clear knowing).

"I won't mince words: If you've never learned to tap into your intuition, your life is almost certainly much more difficult than it needs to be. Why? Because your intuition helps you make choices based on what you actually want. It helps you avoid trouble, draws you toward positive situations and away from negative ones. It circumvents your intellect—which can tell you all kinds of inaccurate, critical, self-defeating things—and instead guides you based on what your body, your very essence, knows to be true. Your intuition never criticizes you. If you're hearing an inner voice that sounds shaming, blaming, disdainful, withering, or mean, you're not hearing your intuition, which functions more like a kitten: It may be urgent, nervous, or resistant, but it could never imply that something is wrong with you." - Martha Beck

See exercise audio at the bottom of the page.

Here are seven tips on how to develop your intuition and leverage it to make wiser, more soul-inspired decisions for your life.

1. Recognize when your intuition speaks

Your intuition might speak to you as a hunch, a thought, an image(s) or in words. And you may even be able to enter into a dialogue with your intuition to get more information and clarity.

Alternatively, your intuition may speak to you in physical sensations, such as goose bumps, discomfort in your gut, a feeling of relief, or a sour taste in your mouth.

You may receive intuitive messages through your emotions, such as feelings of uneasiness or confusion when your inner wisdom is steering you away from something – or feelings of euphoria and profound peace when you’re being guided down a path that will lead you to greater personal joy and abundance.

Sometimes intuition messages are simply a deep sense of knowing and certainty. If you’ve ever felt that you knew something to be true in the depths of your heart or soul, chances are it was a message from your intuition.

2. Deepen your intuition through meditation

Regular meditation will help you clear your mind of distractions and teach you how to better recognize the subtle impulses from within. It doesn’t have to be long – even 10 minutes a day will yield powerful results and will make it much easier for you to notice your intuition when it speaks to you through words, images, emotions, or physical sensations.

3. Dedicate time to listen to your intuition DAILY

Life is busy, and in the rush to cross off items on our daily to-do lists, it’s easy to forget to stop and tune into our higher intelligence. But your most valuable wisdom comes when you are most open to receiving it.

4. Ask questions

Receiving wisdom from your intuition shouldn’t be a passive experience. Get specific about the information you need and what kind of answers you’re looking for. The more clearly you pose your questions to your innate wisdom, the clearer the answers will be.

5. Write down your answers

Intuitive messages are subtle and can fade from your conscious mind very quickly unless you take action to record them. In fact, neuroscience research indicates that intuitive insights not captured within 37 seconds will likely never be recalled again. Journal writing is a highly effective way to access your intuition and capture its wisdom. 

6. Take immediate action

The Universe rewards those who take action – and so does your intuition. When you act on the information you receive from your inner source of wisdom, you open the channel between your subconscious and conscious mind even wider and will receive more intuitive messages that are stronger and easier for you to hear and act on.

7. Trust yourself

The more faith you demonstrate in your intuition, the greater the results will be.

Whether you want to make better decisions, solve problems faster, or create winning plans for your life, you will achieve what you desire more quickly and more effectively when you tune into your intuition and listen to what your inner wisdom has to say.

Trusting your intuition is all about trusting yourself – and the more trust you place in yourself, the more success you will have.

Keep working that muscle!!!

Discover your intuition with a class call recording from one of my fellow Martha Beck Coaches, Beverly Belling, an Intuitive Arts teacher in California.
Building Your Intuition (start at 15mins in for the actual exercise portion)