— Module One —
Introduction to Energy & Intuitive Business

This module will introduce you to the Quantum Universe and the key concepts around quantum physics (energy, frequency and vibration), and how understanding this and working with our specific energy will actually help us to operate more successfully in our businesses (and lives too!).

I will also share our first Intuitive Business Tool to start creating deeper alignment!


Watch the videos below, and give yourself some time to work with the exercises over the week. Not required to have completed before the call.

What is true for you, is meant for you. What is not, is meant to pass you by.

intro to energy & Intuitive Business

Everything you see is energy. Emotions are energy, thoughts are energy, words are energy, and we are most certainly energy be-ings.  Having knowledge about energy and the quantum universe is a powerful understanding when applied to your life and business.


Grab a glass of wine and get the truth serum out! I want to know all the fears, resistance, worries, doubts and obstacles … and then we will work them out.

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Intuitive business tool #1 - body-wisdom

The body is a highly intelligent part of your be-ing and it never lies (whereas the brain is FULL of false information). Your body will always respond to sensory information, with accurate sensory information. So when we visualize in the mind, the body responds as if it were actually taking place and its response will give you accurate information on whether what you are thinking is true for you. It will either feel resonant (true and in harmony with our be-ing) or dissonant (false, and not in harmony with our be-ing).

In this video you will enjoy some meditation for relaxation and learn how to connect back in with your body and how to feel your body’s ‘no’ and ‘yes’ responses’ using The Body Compass, adapted from Martha Beck’s book, Finding Your Own North Star.

On the call we will build off of this body-wisdom to learn how feel for what is most true for you in business, and how to take action (and what kind) from a place of inspired feeling vs. a place driven by thought.


Whatever you do in your business this week, do it from a place of feeling first, and when the time presents itself, use your body compass to make a decision in your business.

Then share your body’s wisdom in the RISE Facebook Community.

Note: if you found this to be a difficult exercise, you are not alone, many people have a challenge getting out of their head and into their body. Just stay positive, keep noticing how you feel vs. what you think and before you know it, your body-wisdom will grow stronger and louder. There are a number of
guided meditations that will really assist with developing a connection and listening to your body.