— Module One —
Introduction to Energy & Intuitive Business

This module will introduce you to the Quantum Universe, your Energy Body and ways of working with energy for your highest benefit.  From Chakras to Astrology, Numerolody and Oracle Cards, this module is FUN and full of info that will help you to learn more about YOU!


Watch the videos below, and give yourself some time to complete the exercises over the week to prepare for the call. Bring any questions you have to the call. 


Use your phone, tablet or computer to run ZOOM and join the call!  You can turn off your camera and mute your phone when you are in the meeting if you need to :)

Tuesday, September 17th - EVENING CLASS (7pm - 8:30pm)
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Tuesday, September 17th - DAY CLASS (1pm - 2:30pm)
ZOOM Weekly Call (uses video & audio): https://zoom.us/j/127898588

Module One Learning Content

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” 
— Nikola Tesla

1.0 energy & the quantum universe

Everything you see is energy. Emotions are energy, thoughts are energy, words are energy, and we are most certainly energy beings.  Having knowledge about energy and quantum mechanics can create BIG SHIFTS in creating the life you truly want to live.  So let's dive in!

1.1 Your Energy Body & Personal magnet

Scientists have been investigating—and substantiating—the existence of the aura, the human energy field that surrounds our entire body, for over a hundred years, adding to the knowledge our ancestors already possessed. This field consists of multiple bands of energy called auric layers or auric fields, that encompass the subtle body, connecting us to the outside world.  The more knowledge and awareness you have about your energy, the more empowered you will be to tackle whatever comes your way!

Learn more about your Energy Body (PDF)

Soulfire_Human Energy Field.jpg

1.2 The Chakra's 101 & Their Meanings

“Chakra” is a Sanskrit word literally meaning "wheel."  These centers were named as such because of the circular shape to the spinning energy centers. There are seven main chakras and they are located along the spine extending out the front and back of the body.  Our opportunity in studying them is to learn how to master each chakra’s essence and unite them all into a unified field of brilliance. 

Chakra System & Their Meanings (PDF)

List of Chakra balancing affirmations:
Chakra balancing affirmations can create extraordinary revolutions in our spiritual healing journey because our thoughts carry vibration. Try using some form of affirmation throughout the week, based on the Chakras you identify that you are working with in your meditation. 

Root Chakra Affirmation:
“I am a divine being of light, and I am peaceful, protected and secure”

Sacral Chakra Affirmation:
“I am radiant, beautiful and strong and enjoy a healthy and passionate life”

Solar Plexus Affirmation: 
“I am positively empowered and successful in all my ventures”

Heart Chakra Affirmation:
“Love is the answer to everything in life, and I give and receive love effortlessly and unconditionally”

Throat Chakra Affirmation:
“My thoughts are positive, and I always express myself truthfully and clearly”

Third Eye Affirmation:
“I am tuned into the divine universal wisdom and always understand the true meaning of life situations”

Crown Chakra Affirmation:
“I am complete and one with the divine energy”

1.3  Astrology & numerology

Because you are energy at your core, both astrology and numerology can help to identify energetic areas of strengths, gifts, talents, weaknesses and struggles for you in this lifetime.  The more awareness you bring to who you truly are and what you wanted to learn, the closer you are in connection with your authentic self and any healing that needs to take place for you to feel your best.


Learn more about your core energy signature:

A) Look up your Zodiac Sign from the link below and on a single blank sheet of paper, write down each word that resonates with you and you feel that makes up your vibrational magnet.  Don't forget both sides of the coin, the good & the 'bad'.
Zodiac Sign

B) Now, let's calculate your Life Path Number (birthdate added to a single digit - 03-30-1981 = 3+3+1+9+8+1= 25 = 2+5 = 7) and look up that information from the link below.  Again, write any words that you recognize as part of your vibrational magnet.
Life Path Number

C) Now journal a bit about yourself and your energy.  What sticks out as your strengths, what areas do you feel are a struggle for you? Did anything surprise you?  Gently allow yourself to explore without judgement and journal your thoughts.