Life Coaching

Are you ready for personal transformation and the support to create a life, career and/or business you love?  If you are done feeling stuck and you secretly know there is more out there for you, read on...


If you are ready to transform into the REAL YOU, by changing those negative ways of thinking and dropping the belief systems that no longer seem to serve you, by learning to listen to your inner wisdom and trust your process, to let go of the people-pleaser and past mistakes, to heal old wounds, empower your sense of self to ROCKSTAR status and create a life of meaning, love and true happiness... I have good news, coaching will be the catalyst to get you there.  Whether you need support in life, love, relationships, career, business, health, wellness, personal development or a spiritual awakening, I am here to support your successful journey.


Using The QUANTUM Method & law of attraction

Everything is energy (including us... just a bunch of tiny vibrating molecules and atoms over here), and vibrating energy emits a frequency... stay with me ... and then we have this beautiful principle in Quantum Physics, called the Law of Attraction that simply states, 'like frequencies attract', meaning if you think negatively, you vibrate at a lower frequency and therefore you attract lower frequency experiences into your reality.  

Once we begin to realize our innate power and gifts to shift and change our energy to attract the reality we want, we will finally feel what it feels like to sit in the driver's seat of your own life.

Whether you are interested in transforming your life, relationships or business, using the quantum method and understanding your current vibrational makeup will help you to skillfully make the changes you need in your life to shift your energy and tune into higher frequencies (despite your surroundings) that will have you attracting and creating your BEST LIFE before you know it!

I am still blown away by how powerful coaching has been in helping me discover and achieve my dreams. I have such a strong connection with my true self now and because of that I find deeper meaning and purpose in my life each day. I am not ‘that person’ I used to be, I am now 100% me and that has made all of the difference.
— Leana Cross



Intuitive coaching supports the awakening of an individuals' truest potential, to help them to see the gifts they hold and what their purpose, passion and direction in life may be.  In addition to using my own intuitive senses in sessions, a fundamental part of coaching is helping my clients to trust in their own intuitive guidance. If you’re facing a big decision or moving through change, intuitive coaching can give you a higher viewpoint perspective to help bring clarity and direction.

Soulpreneur Business Coaching?

If you are ready to get your new or existing business (or program) started, Soulpreneur Coaching is an invaluable piece of the puzzle to get you past your fear and focused on why you do what you do, owning your worth, marketing your value, feeling confident in your decision-making, and creating a plan and way of operating that feels good and produces results!


Well, the sky is the limit really but here are a few...

  • life, career, general happiness and personal development
  • Soulpreneur, business
  • spirituality, spiritual awakening (see Spiritual Mentorship)
  • passion, purpose and meaning
  • love, self-love and dealing with difficult relationships
  • change and/or transformation
  • personal empowerment and confidence
  • clarity, direction & decision-making
  • healing and body wisdom
  • health and wellbeing
  • weight loss
  • fatigue
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • depression 
  • motivation
  • creativity

If you are ready to improve ANY area of your life, coaching is a powerful change-maker!  

GETTING STARTED in Life Coaching

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I have completely found the person I TRULY am thanks to coaching. Not only that, I have an unbelievable mind-set and positive outlook on my life as it is right now and on my future, as I choose to create it. Thank you and WOW to this process!
— Kristen S.