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Monday, November 19th @ 8PM


Are you considering becoming a coach or have you just started out? This LifeClass will help you decide what kind of coach you might want to be, what training you might want to consider and how to set up shop in a successful way that feels right for you.

I believe coaching is an extremely effective method in supporting a person in whatever they are looking to heal, achieve and create, whether in life, business, career, relationships, health, spirituality etc. (you name it).

What this online call will cover:

  • The benefits of coaching and where the industry is headed

  • My journey of healing, discovering my inner coach, training with Dr. Martha Beck and starting my coaching practice

  • What your coaching niche maybe (though you don’t need one)

  • What kind of training and coaching you may want to seek and how to get started

  • Questions from the class!

What you will experience:

  • Stories from other coaches and their journey

  • Group coaching to help you experience the real deal

Class format:

  • Classes are run online, using a video conferencing platform called ZOOM

  • Once registered, you will receive a link to the online classroom which you can access on your computer, laptop, ipad or phone

  • If you aren't a lover or technology, just give yourself some extra time to download the ZOOM app before the call (and don't stress if you are late)

  • You will be able to mute your line and turn on/off video

Upcoming LifeClasses

To Be Announced | December, 2018 @ 8pm EST

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Past Calls:

Monday, October 29 @ 8PM
Living Your Divine Feminine Purpose as an Empath, Healer & Truth Seeker

Why are women being called to create something much greater from within than ever before? Even if only a whisper, that desire your heart is quietly pulling you toward (you know, the one your mind keeps telling you not to bother with, or that you will never be successful at) well, that quiet voice is part of a much bigger plan than you may realize. To listen to your heart, is to hear your purpose and to follow your heart is to live it. The heart heals, and so whatever the heart creates, the planet heals. Say what? Come to the call and find out why you are an integral part of evolution and these change-over years.

Monday, September 24 @ 8PM
Being an Empath ... the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Are you a highly sensitive person?  Do you feel others emotions and often feel the call to help?  Maybe you find yourself being the go-to person when others are having troubles in their lives?  Are you the kind of person that wants to save the world and every thing in it?  Do you feel called to healing work and alternative medicine?  Do you suffer from anxiety, panic and/or depression?