The Inner Revolution Online Program

It is time to start your inner revolution and create the life your heart desires to live.  This online program introduces you to the concepts, tools and techniques of Life Coaching and Energy Therapy to help you to find the wisdom that lies within, the truth of who you are and what will bring you the most joy and success in this life.  If you are serious about committing to your inner exploration, growth and awakening to find true love, happiness and personal success I invite you to join the Inner Revolution Program.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”
— Steve Jobs

who is this program right for?

If you are ready for personal change, healing old wounds and adopting a no excuses approach to loving yourself, then this might be the right place for you.  If you feel a calling to create or deepen the connection with your higher self and discover your true passions and soul's purpose in this life... then you are most definitely ready for this journey. If you are ready to commit to honouring your truth for 30 days, mind, body and soul... then we welcome you to this transformational program.



This program is about going from where you are, to where you want to be. Using both Life Coaching and Energy Therapy practices, theory and concepts, you will heal old wounds, get 'un-stuck', uncover your own inner wisdom, and tap into your authenticity to create a life you will love!  

  • Discover who you truly are and what makes you shine
  • Learn the fundamentals of Energy Therapy and working with your energy body for a holistic approach to wellness
  • Address underlying belief systems that are causing roadblocks to your success
  • Learn how to love your whole self and why that is a BIG part of living a happy and fulfilled life each and everyday
  • + 2 bonus modules that expand your learning with Reiki Energy Therapy and Life Coaching

Program formAT

  • 4-week online learning program
    Learn at your own pace with a new module each week and the ability to go back and review all modules. 
  • 4 learning modules (+ 2 bonus modules) to guide and support you through your Inner Revolution that include video, audio and PDF printer-friendly exercises. PLUS an incredible workbook to keep motivated!
  • 4 Life Coaching support calls live with Caroline Watters (one each week) to answer your questions, further explain concepts and explore new tips & tricks that will keep you motivated and moving in the direction of your best life!
  • Join the Awaken Your Truth Facebook Group, where a community of like-minded souls share tips, tricks and stories about their journey.
“It is my personal belief that when we honour the truth of who we are and follow whatever it is we feel pulled toward, profound internal shifts happen and we begin to see our life take shape in the most magical of ways.”

— Caroline Watters

A New Class Starts Each Month!

“7 months ago I had never heard of life coaching or energy therapy and here I am today so thankful that Caroline introduced me to both. Caroline has given me a new perspective on how I think about and treat myself and others. She has given me this “superwoman tool belt” that empowers me to grow from a difficult situation instead of withering from it. She has shown me that I am enough and that I am capable of so many amazing things. Personally and professionally, I have grown from her guidance. Life coaching and energy therapy has been one of the absolute best decisions I have made in my life.”
— Farah Boyd

Learning Module Content

Below is a description of the learning modules, tools, concepts and techniques you will be taken through during the next 4 weeks:

Module one: Who the HeCk am I?

What if I told you that YOU have incredibly unique gifts, attributes and characteristics (unlike anyone else) and when you fully realize, honour and express these aspects of your be-ing, you are able to live a life beyond your wildest imagination.  This module will help you to discover the gem that you truly are.

  • Pre-work (a fun set of questions to get me and you up-to-speed)
  • 'Your Original Medicine' concept - the truth of who we are
  • Who am I? A desire-mapping exercise
  • Meditation 101 and Connecting to your Higher Self

Module Two: Introduction to Energy and Your Energy Body

Everything you see is energy.  Emotions are energy.  Thoughts are energy.  And we are most certainly energy be-ings.  Energy therapy is based on the concept of connection between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms of our lives. It uses focused healing energy to clear blocks that accumulate in the body hindering the natural flow of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy. This healing focus promotes personal empowerment, self-healing and spiritual growth. Having knowledge about energy and your own energy body will open up an entirely new connection between you and your fine self!  

  • Energy 101 and My Energy Body 
  • The Chakra's 101 and Their Meanings
  • Using the Energy of Crystals & Oracle Cards
  • Guided Meditations to Balance, Relax & Optimize Your Energy Body

Module thREE: uncovering limiting beliefs and creating a new narrative

A large part of personal growth is shedding beliefs that no longer serve you.  This module is going to teach you how to examine and observe your thinking and belief systems for what is true and what isn't. This mental 'shake down' process makes a BIG difference in helping you to heal the past and allow you to move forward in the direction that is truly right for you.  I know I felt 20 pounds (energetically) lighter after letting go of my untrue beliefs and patterns of thinking. Wildly amazing possibilities and opportunities started to appear in my life because I wasn't so closed and through this process I was able to be open enough to find what I truly loved and what makes me happy.

  • You Are Not Your Story - Examining the Truth of Your Thinking
  • Dealing with Fear
  • Using the Law of Attraction
  • Abundance Meditation

MODULE FOUR: self-love and why it matters the most

Now that you know more about the truth of who you are, it is extremely important to learn the art of self-love to continually honour that person and make the time to listen to your inner wisdom so you can use that guidance in your everyday life.

  • The Energy of Love
  • Loving Yourself
  • The Heart Chakra
  • Heart Chakra Meditation


Do you want to learn more about the healing power of Energy Therapy?  Perhaps you find yourself drawn to healing work and alternative medicine?  Well here is your chance to learn some of the basics behind Usui Reiki, an ancient Japanese form of energy therapy.  In this bonus module you will learn about the principles of energy therapy, what happens during a treatment, and all of the amazing benefits to being treated and also for those curious... information on becoming a practitioner yourself.


Ever wonder how top athletes, CEO's and Hollywood stars stay on their game?  If you are curious about the value of coaching, you are likely curious about your true potential... and let me just start by saying, you are more powerful, passionate and capable than you can imagine.  In this bonus module you will get a peek into the effectiveness of 1-on-1 coaching, many of the major 'ah-ha' moments from my clients, what resources they have used to create their best lives, how one might become a Life Coach and some of the ways coaches are consistently moving the needle forward!


Expect to be blown away... by yourself! I see incredible transformations time and time again.




  • Your first Learning Module will be released on the first Monday of the month at 9am EST.
    (Modules 2, 3 & 4 are released on Sunday's by 12noon EST)
  • Weekly Life Coaching support calls are 1-hour in length and a date/time will be determined to best suit the group.  All calls will be recorded and posted in your learning site within 24hours after the call. Questions not answered on the call can be emailed directly to Caroline, or better yet, posted on the Private Facebook Group for others to benefit.


The cost of the program is $220.00 CAD + tax

  • Cost includes 4 learning modules (+ 2 bonus modules) with access to your online learning site, 4 support group life coaching calls, a private Facebook support group, video learning/instruction, PDF exercises, meditation downloads and your Inner Revolution Workbook.
“Releasing how I see the world and becoming more open to the energy of nature and my own body has been amazing. Caroline walked us through the world of meditation, energy healing, sacred spaces, and guidance through spirit. The thing I learned most is that nothing is a coincidence and everything happens in this life for a reason. Taking the time to discover what that reason is, is truly our purpose. Thank you Caroline for opening my mind and guiding my spirit along this journey!”
— Denise Besic