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Are you ready to heal, empower yourself and transform to create a life & business you truly love?
My powerful intuitive coaching approach teaches women how to use their ‘built-in super-woman tool belt’, to heal, let go of what is no longer serving them, dissolve obstacles, remove resistance, create more energy in life and naturally align with their greatest sources of power, gifts, talents, inner wisdom and intuition, to create an incredibly successful and meaningful life and business.
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I specialize in personal and group coaching that supports women in:
Life, Relationships, Career, Spirituality, Intuitive Development, Healing, Health, Wellness, Heart-led Entrepreneurship, Business
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“Working with Caroline is an absolute joy! Week by week, we work through both the professional and personal limitations in my biz and strategize from a place that feels authentic and realistic for me. I never have a shortage of questions, ideas, and issues to discuss and Caroline is never short of solutions. I particularly love that we work from a place that honours both conventional business tactics AND my own heart-led alignment.

Everyone needs Caroline in their back pocket - I don’t know how I’d survive entrepreneurship without her! Thanks Caroline!

— Dr. Jillian Murphy, ND, www.foodfreedombodylove.com
“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for everything! You’ve inspired me to follow my heart and despite the discomfort of uncertainty, I couldn’t be happier!!! I moved to Winnipeg for my new job, I’m in Egypt already for the Sales Conference, I bought my trip of a lifetime to Brazil for New Years and life continues to show me signs that I am on the right path. Listening to my heart has changed my life and I am so grateful for your help!”
— Danielle Martins

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