Energy Therapy

 The healing focus of energy therapy promotes self-healing, well-being, balance, personal development
and spiritual growth. 


Why it Works

For many people, feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious, and tired become a way of life. Living this way can lead to health problems.  Additionally, situations such as conflict in relationships, both personal and professional, being unproductive and unhappy at work, can easily and consistently develop. These types of issues, which originate from physical, emotional, and mental stress are ideally suited for treatment with modalities such as Crystal Healing, Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET). 

Energy therapy acknowledges that negative life experiences create emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, worry, stress, resentment, guilt, sadness etc. and that these emotions become trapped in specific areas of the physical body. Trapped emotions, often called energy blocks, create physical, emotional and mental disharmony. 

IET was a brand new experience for me and I’m so happy I was able to find Caroline. With her treatment I was able to feel my energy field for the first time and to feel myself actively let go of my fears. She reaffirmed the answers to the questions I have been asking myself about my life’s path and gave me tools to protect myself moving forward. I feel enlightened, fearless, and inspired.
— Janelle M.


  • Rapid stress reduction
  • Relief from pain, anxiety & depression
  • Improved sleep and digestion  
  • A greater sense of well-being
  • Relief of headaches, cold symptoms, flu symptoms, strains, sprains and even the side effects of cancer treatments.
  • Increases vitality and postpones the aging process.
  • The continued use of Reiki treatments when you are not sick will manifest itself as self- confidence and self-assurance.
  • It speeds the healing of injuries
  • Gently realigns and detoxifies the body
  • Aids in the recovery from emotional trauma.
  • Provides long-term relief because it heals at the source of illness, whether it is at the physical, emotional or mental level. 

Intuitive Guidance

As an intuitive healer, I provide my clients with the information that comes through during the session, to support their highest and best good and to help bring awareness and healing to their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves.  Anything discussed during a session is absolutely confidential. No records are kept — the information you receive is strictly your own. 

How it Works

During the healing session the client is fully clothed, laying face up on a massage table.  The practitioner will place her hands lightly on or slightly above different parts of your body. 

Healing energy is guided by the highest intelligence and always heals what is most important first. It will help to heal what the client is able to deal with at that time. It is like peeling back the layers of an onion. You cannot remove the bottom layer without first peeling back all of the top layers.

The practitioner cannot promise the client any "specific" results since everyone is uniquely different in how they respond to the healing energies, but they can promise that every person that experiences a treatment, receives healing benefits.

It is a safe, gentle, supportive method that can be used to release negative patterns of the past, to provide healing for the physical body, as well as to help empower and bring balance to your life. It is an extremely effective healing modality for those who are drawn to it.

See Crystal Healing for specifics on how it works.

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Caroline is extremely passionate about energy work and teaching to help brighten the lives of others. It shows in the quality of the course she has created as well as in the connection she develops with each and every one of her students. You will always be made to feel warm and welcome in Caroline’s presence. I would absolutely encourage anyone who is thinking about expanding their skills in energy work, to go under Caroline’s wing! You will be glad you did!
— Holly S., Reiki Level 2 Student