Life, Spirituality, Career & Business Coaching

I help my clients to step into their full power, potential and purpose, aligning them with their most successful, rewarding and magical path in life.
— Caroline Watters

What is Coaching ALL ABOUT?

Coaching teaches you how to sit in the driver's seat of your own life, connected to your truth, feeling empowered and ready to take on the journey to where ever it is you want to go. In coaching you will learn many tools to generate the right solutions for your life, to empower your perception of self and create a customized tool-kit that will take you where your heart knows it's meant to go!

As such, Coaching requires the client to be deeply committed to their own exploration and progress. As your coach, I am right there with you, supporting your goals and desires to create a life that you will love and I can promise you... if you are deeply committed to this process, you will be blown away by what coaching can do for you.

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.
— Albert Einstein

THE QUantum power APPROACH

I specialize in helping my clients to access their higher wisdom, innate power, and life's truest potential through learning about their connection to the quantum world. Everything is energy (including us) and it is this process of understanding that allows us to 'awaken' to our true nature and come into alignment with our real power, passion and purpose.  Whether you are interested in improving your life, career or business, using the quantum power approach will transform your deepest desires into reality (even if you don't know them yet) ... and then some!

Through Caroline’s work you can see her passion to grow, teach and learn. Her authenticity radiates. Her knowledge is remarkable! Who doesn’t want their own personal cheerleader?
Caroline has a way of lifting you up while helping to remove any baggage that would prevent individual growth. Her dedication with seminars, personal coaching, classes, reiki, meditation and more are a sweet reminder how important “you” time is.
The world seems a little lighter — a little brighter when you know there is someone like Caroline always in your corner.
— Sarah N.


Well, the sky is the limit really but here are a few...

  • finding your soul's purpose
  • attracting the right career for you
  • creating a business you love
  • shifting your money blueprint & creating abundance
  • love, relationships
  • health, healing and overall well-being
  • weight loss
  • fatigue, stress
  • anxiety
  • depression 

If you are ready to improve ANY area of your life, coaching is a powerful change-maker!  

I am still blown away by how powerful coaching has been in helping me discover and achieve my dreams. I have such a strong connection with my true self now and because of that I find deeper meaning and purpose in my life each day. I am not ‘that person’ I used to be, I am now 100% me and that has made all of the difference.
— Leana Cross

Life COACHING/Spiritual Coaching

If you are ready to heal your life, dig deep into your purpose, find true wisdom, and unearth your gifts in order to create a life of meaning, love and happiness, then life coaching is going to be the catalyst to get you there.  


Career Coaching

I truly believe we all bring something unique and valuable into to this world to share and when we can find a career that taps into our deepest gifts, we don't find a 'job', we find our passion and purpose --- our meaning for life.  If you are considering a career change, or you are currently very unhappy with your career, then it is time to reinvigorate your life with Career Coaching.

Soul-based Business Coaching

If you are ready to get your new or existing business (or program) started, Soul-based Business Coaching is an invaluable piece of the puzzle to get you past your fear and focused on why you do what you do, owning your worth, marketing your value, feeling confident in your decision-making, and creating a launch plan that produces results!

I absolutely adore Caroline! She is such a passionate and gifted person and has taught me so much through Reiki, IET, Life Coaching and Meditation. She has helped me become confident and more aware through courses she’s offered and has been an awesome encouragement and support for the start up of my new business.
She’s taught me to do more of what I love and trust my internal compass!
I have never left anything I’ve done with Caroline without feeling 100% fantastic! She has a way of bringing the best out of you and making you see it!!
— Charmaine G.


  • To get things started, each coaching client receives pre-work via email to fill out and send back prior to their first session (so we are ready to dig right in).  
  • You are never left flying solo after a session is over, text/email support is available for the duration of our coaching together, so you can reach out at any time to get the support you need.  
  • Depending on your goals, I will provide the right exercises during and in-between sessions to maintain progress toward your goal.
  • Coaching is done over the phone or Skype (in-person sessions are also available for those who are local)