Career Coaching

I truly believe we all bring something very unique to this world and when we can find a career that taps into our  gifts, values and unique expression, we don't find a 'job', we find a place of deeper meaning and happiness.  


If you are considering a career change, or you are currently very unhappy with your career and feel there is no way out, then it is time to reinvigorate your life with Career Coaching.  This process will help you to uncover your passion, purpose, values and gifts, while overcoming your limiting beliefs to understand what career is right for you, how you are 100% capable of getting there and what next steps you need to take in the short and long-term.


If you know your current career isn't a fit for you, perhaps it is sucking the life and happiness right out of you, or you just know you were meant for something greater...? Career Coaching is the catalyst for finding or creating a career you will love, so you can start to live a more meaningful, purposeful and happier life.


  • To get things started, each career coaching client receives pre-work via email to fill out and send back prior to their first session (so we are ready to dig right in).  
  • The career coaching pre-work is designed to narrow down your focus for the sessions and at each session, we can adjust course depending on where you and/or your career plans are at.  
  • You are never left flying solo after a session is over, text/email support is available for the duration of our coaching together, so you can reach out at any time to get the support and sounding board you need.  
  • Depending on your career goals, I will provide the right exercises during and in-between sessions to maintain progress toward your goal.
  • Coaching is done over the phone or Skype (in-person sessions are also available for those who are local)


View the Coaching Retainer information for more details on pricing and options.